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Baby Chaos - Ape Confronts Cosmos

After releasing two albums in the mid-90s and then going on hiatus, Baby Chaos returned in 2015 with Skulls - Skulls - Skulls - Show Me Glory. Their latest release Ape Confronts Cosmos continues ...

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Tricky - 20,20

Adrian Thaws, better know as Tricky, is back with his first releases since 2017's Ununiform, and his 2019 biography Hell Is Round The Corner ...

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Hamell On Trial - Choochtown

On his 1999 album Choochtown, Hamell On Trial invokes punk rock swagger and 1970s NYC sleaze with little more than an acoustic guitar 

Edward James "Ed" Hamell, better know as Hamell On Trial, has been writing, recording, and touring for over thirty years, bouncing from major labels to minor labels to his own, with either a studio or live album out almost every other year. While production values have shifted, the fiery anti-folk and spoken word approach have remained constant, and his 1999 album is definitely on the lower end of the recording quality spectrum. That doesn't impact the performances or songs, as Hamell On Trial makes stunning use of his Gibson acoustic guitar, plucking out staccato rhythms on one track before leading a dirty blues romp on the next. All of it adds up to a uniquely singular performance and vision, one that can definitely split opinions on what worked and didn't work.

Special guest: Patrick Testa, DMO UNION

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Morrissey - I Am Not a Dog on a Chain 

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Clutch - Willie Nelson (The Weathermaker Vault Series) - Single

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Goo Goo Dolls - Lost (Acoustic)

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Alkaline Trio - E.P. - Single

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Division of Laura Lee - Dodge Bullets - Single

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James - Justhipper: The Complete Sire & Blanco Y Negro Recordings 1986-1988

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Blinker the Star - Wave off Wave - Single

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Johny Polonsky - Kingdom of Sleep

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📅 Coming March 27

Pearl Jam - Gigaton

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Tesla - Five Man London Jam

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The Orb - Abolition of The Royal Familia

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Clem Snide - Forever Just Beyond

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Something for Kate! Electricity is such a jagged beauty of a song and the whole album is glorious, full of some of Paul Dempsey’s best writing as he bridged the gap from the spiky sounds of elsewhere to the more straight ahead songs of his later solo career. Great album and would be up there in my twelve month picks if elsewhere hadn’t already got a gig earlier in the DMO portfolio - Jason Pan, DMO UNION

Nancy Boy succeeds in what The Bravery any many others failed to do in the early 2000s Johnny Chrome And Silver is one of the great lost 90s singles - Ian Wobble, DMO UNION

Must Has the Right to Children by the lovely Edinburgh duo Boards of Canada gets my vote! Inspired by cinema, they forgot the super clean clinical approach to production their 90’s Warp Records peers had and opted for more of an analog approach to recording. I also love the nod the album has to hip-hop, with the dusty loops etc. - Davy Bright, DMO UNION

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Baby Chaos - Safe Sex Designer Drugs And The Death Of Rock 'N Roll

In the late 90s they changed their name to Deckard, so how does Baby Chaos stack up? Released: 1994 | Label: EastWest | Producer: Baby Chaos

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Goo Goo Dolls - Hold Me Up

The Goo Goo Dolls 1990 album Hold Me Up transitioned the band from energetic pop-punk to alternative rock hitmakers with mixed results Released: 1990 | Label: Metal Blade | Producer: Armand John Petri

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James - Laid

Is there more to James 1993 album Laid than a quirky and catchy radio single? Released: 1993 | Label: Fontana Records | Producer: Brian Eno

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Jordon Zadorozny of Blinker The Star - Artist Interview

Musical roots in Canada, making the move to Los Angeles in the mid-90s, Courtney Love and Mandy Moore are just part of the story. Released: 1999 |Label: DreamWorks Records | Producer: Jordon Zadorozny, Ken Andrews

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