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Brad Laner - Only Ghost In Town

Experimental artist Brad Laner, best known for his work with 90s noisy shoegaze act Medicine, continues his prolific solo streak …

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The Jayhawks - XOXO

The Jayhawks are back with their eleventh studio album XOXO, and all the touchstones of a classic Jayhawks album are present …

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PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love

On her third album To Bring You My Love, PJ Harvey created a career-defining album that still resonates today

In 1995 PJ Harvey was relatively unknown in the US, aside from college radio and others tuned into the underground. Thanks to the breakout single "Down By The Water," for a brief moment she was in the same spotlight as Tori Amos, Bjork, Sarah McLachlan, Liz Phair, and other female artists who transcended the dominance of Seattle grunge and guitar rock. On To Bring You My Love, Harvey bounces between the minimalist blues of the title track and the krautrock drive of Working For The Man, and the blistering distortion of Meet Ze Monsta and pounding drive of Long Snake Moan. But in the age of Spotify skipping, can minimalism and restraint with bursts of nasty distortion still catch an ear?

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New Releases

JARV IS - Beyond The Pale

Debut studio album by British rock band Jarv Is, led by former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker.

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Bush - The Kingdom

Eighth studio album by English rock band Bush. It was originally scheduled to be released in May 2020.

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The Pretenders - Hate For Sale

Eleventh studio album featuring the return of original drummer Martin Chambers

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Gang of Four - Anti-Hero

Collection of songs was recorded just before Andy Gill died on February 1, 2020.

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Yo La Tengo - We Have Amnesia Sometimes

Five instrumental compositions recorded over a 10-day stretch from late April to early May.

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Chris Stamey & the Fellow Travelers - A Brand-New Shade of Blue

Co-founder of The dB’s and Sneakers. Chris has worked with and/or produced Alex Chilton, Whiskeytown, Golden Palominos, Alejandro Escovedo, Yo La Tengo, and many more.

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VOTE: 90s Album Review - July 2020

Let's do this. We've got 8 albums suggested by Dig Me Out listeners and need your help deciding which one would make the best episode. 

The nominees are:

Gary Miron: Morphine - Cure for Pain | ✔️Vote

Ian Wobble: Sheep On Drugs - Greatest Hits | ✔️Vote

Lars: Various Artists - The Crow: City of Angels Soundtrack | ✔️Vote

Brian Collen: that dog. - Retreat From The Sun | ✔️Vote

Joshua Robles: Fugazi - End Hits | ✔️Vote

Richard Waterman: The Semantics - Powerbill | ✔️Vote

Darren  Leeman: Face To Face - Ignorance Is Bliss | ✔️Vote

Wout Vlaeminck: Le Tigre - Le Tigre | ✔️Vote

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The Jayhawks - Sound of Lies

Written and recorded after the departure of co-founding lead singer and songwriter Mark Olsen, it rests on the shoulders of Gary Louris. Released: 1997 Label: American Recordings Producer: Brian Paulson

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Bush - Sophomore Slump Revisited Roundtable - Razorblade Suitcase

Bush brought Steve Albini on board to produce their sophomore album Razorblade Suitcase, a slump or worth redeeming? Released: 1996 Label: Trauma Records, Interscope Records Producer: Steve Albini

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