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Coriky - Coriky

Prior to legendary post-hardcore band Fugazi going on hiatus in 2003, vocalist/guitarist Ian MacKaye and drummer Amy Farina formed The Evens…

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Christian McNeill - Trapped On The Planet – Part One

Recorded in 2015 and 2016 but just released, Trapped On The Planet - Part One is the second full-length studio album by Christian McNeill, who fronted Schtum…

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On Born To Quit, the Smoking Popes combine old school rock 'n roll riffing with Ratpack crooning with impressive execution and confidence

If you remember the Smoking Popes, it's probably thanks to their Buzzbin / Clueless soundtrack single "Need You Around." Lead singer Josh Caterer got tagged as punk-rock Morrissey, and while the band continued on, many were left with the impression that the Smoking Popes were something of a novelty. As we dug into this album for the first time, the realization quickly set in that the early Morrissey comparisons were way off base, as both Caterer, along with his brothers Eli and Matt, and drummer Mike Felumlee, are significantly less punk than expected. Sure, you can hear the energetic down strums of Ramones across the record, but instead of 90s pop/punk, the band channels the likes of Wings, The Smithereens, Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra and more in their quest to write exquisitely arranged pop-rock gems.

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📅 New Releases

Elvis Costello - No Flag - Single

New protest single.

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Wire - 10:20

A collection of "stray" tracks with some dating back to the 80s

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Phantom Planet - Devastator

First album since the band reformed last spring.

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New Found Glory - Forever + Ever x Infinity

Tenth studio album.

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Switchfoot - Covers - EP

Performing songs of Frank Ocean, Vampire Weekend, Harry Styles, Jon Bellion, The Verve, and The Chainsmokers

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Whitesnake - The Rock Album (2020 Remix)

The first release in the band’s Red, White and Blues trilogy, a series of three collections each with a cohesive musical theme: Love Songs (red), The Rock Album (white) and The Blues Album (blue)

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Cro-Mags - In the Beginning

The first album of new material in 20 years.

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Which one would make the best episode?

Great selection this time, I’ll plump for Died pretty as I know the guy who suggested it, both the PJ and Lanegan albums are cool, although I prefer Rid I’d me . Interesting Shihad fact, at the time of 9-11 they changed their name to Pacifier for obvious reasons. So another Aussie band Frenzel Rhomb changed their name to Shihad, it didn’t work out for either and both ended up changing back gavin 

That PJ album has a special place in my life. Freshly divorced, laying in bed reading Spin and saw that the album was available on that date. Put on jeans, drove to the local record store (Cheap Thrills) and listened to TBYML late into the night. Rudy Stowell

With the Lanegan record in the mix, it's a little bit like the varsity vs. JV. By many measures, Whiskey for the Holy Ghost is still his finest all-around disk - and that's sayin' something. Stellar! That said, I've always loved both the Belly and PJ Harvey records as well. This poll is packed with goodness. Shawn Brown


We’re looking for lost and forgotten albums that deserve another listen. 

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🎙 From the podcast archive

Handsome - Handsome

Featuring members of legendary bands like Quicksand, Helmet, Cro-Mags and Murphy's Law. Released: 1997 Label: Epic Producer: Terry Date

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The Stereo - Three Hundred

It was the right sound released at the right time, so why isn't The Stereo mentioned alongside Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory? Released: 1999 Label: Fueled by Ramen Producer: J. Robbins

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Compilations Albums of the 90s - Roundtable

From charity comps to label samplers, the 1990s may have been the peak decade for compilation albums. Released: Label: Producer:

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