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Giants Chair - The Streets EP

The Streets EP consists of a pair of songs recorded prior to the Prefabylon sessions β€¦

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Michael McDermott - what in the world...

The new release kicks off with the title track, finding McDermott in rocked-up and raging mode …

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Pollyanna - Hello Halo

Pollyanna hit it big in Australia with their debut, but their sophomore album Hello Halo makes the case for the deep cuts and left turns

Pollyanna's 1996 EP Junior and 1996 debut album Long Player scored them multiple hit singles in Australia and put them on the national radar, which means the sophomore follow-up Hello Halo in 1997 had expectations attached. As we discovered, the band expanded their pallet. While the record is full of radio-friendly alternative rock ("Peachy Keen" and "Brittle Then Broken)", where the group really excels is their willingness to take some detours, like on the horn-backed tracks "Pulling Teen" and "Butterman," or the Helmet-esque post-hardcore of "Tank." Thanks to the deft production of Paul McKercher (Violetine, Ratcat, Falling Joys, Spiderbait, You Am I), the diversity of approaches manages to stay consistent even if all the material isn't up to par. Special Guest: Jason Pan - DMO UNION

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πŸ“… New Releases

Built to Spill - Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnston

In 2017 Built To Spill was invited to play a few shows as Daniel Johnston's back up band. This is what those rehearsals sounded like.

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Paul Weller - On Sunset

Latest solo album by The Jam frontman.

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Circus Of Power - The Process of Illumination EP

The first release of new material since 2017 comeback album Four.

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Coriky - Coriky

New band featuring former members of Fugazi.

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πŸŽ™ Coming Soon on Dig Me Out

We've got 8 albums suggested by Dig Me Out listeners and need your help deciding which one would make the best episode. 

Gary Miron: 54-40 - Dear Dear | 🎧 Youtube

Eric Peterson: Mark Lanegan - Whiskey for the Holy Ghost | 🎧 Youtube

Aaron: Died Pretty - Doughboy Hollow | 🎧 Youtube

Rudy Stowell: Belly - Star | 🎧 Youtube

Mike Bond: PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love | 🎧 Youtube

Ian Wobble: The King - Gravelands | 🎧 Youtube

Adrian Reid: Shihad - The General Electric | 🎧 Youtube

Rich Haller: The Lowest of the Low - Shakespeare My Butt | 🎧 Youtube


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Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker

On their third album In On The Kill Taker, Fugazi expanded and redefined not only their own sound but the post-hardcore they helped create Released: 1993 Label: Dischord Records Producer: Ted Niceley

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Built To Spill - Keep It Like A Secret

On Keep It Like A Secret, Built To Spill attempt to make a record that indulges the indie rock guitar while keeping melody at the forefront Released: 1999 Label: Up Records, Warner Bros. Records Producer: Phil Ek, Doug Martsch

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Circus of Power - Magic & Madness

Magic & Madness, which features a collaboration with Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, is a thick slab of hard rock from Circus of Power Released: 1993 Label: Columbia Producer: Thom Panunzio

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