Supersuckers, Noel Gallagher, & Body Count

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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Blue Moon Rising

What if I told Noel Gallagher had been listening to a lot of Duran Duran and New Order? ...

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Caviar - Caviar

After the dissolution of Chicago rockers Fig Dish, half the band turned their ears to kitschy 60s sounds for their 2000 release as Caviar.

Special guest: Whitney Beehler - DMO Union

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📅 Also out now

Supersuckers - Play That Rock N' Roll

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Rose Tattoo - Outlaws

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Harem Scarem - Change the World

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Bush - Flowers On A Grave - Single

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Gord Sinclair - Taxi Dancers

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Dan Wilson - Superfan - Single

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Hot Snakes - I Shall Be Free - Single

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Cornershop - England Is A Garden

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Body Count - Carnivore

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Moby - All Visible Objects

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Stephen Malkmus - Traditional Techniques

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📅 Coming March 13

Gotthard - #13 

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The Boomtown Rats - Citizens Of Boomtown 

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Peter Bjorn and John - Endless Dream

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👩‍🎤 Let's get some 80s albums in the queue

Our list of 80s albums for our April podcast episode is a little thin, so how about throwing some new titles into the pile? They will appear in the next couple of polls. 

Naked Prey's eponymous 1984 album. First heard on the local college station back when that was a thing. It still kicks ass. - Rudy Stowell, DMO Union

Some mainstream, some not. I’ve thrown some of these out earlier… “The Game” - Queen (1980) - Monstrously popular Queen "All Shook Up" - Cheap Trick (1980) - George Martin produced. Interesting and different “The Nature of the Beast” - April Wine (1981) - All guitars all the time. So underrated "Fair Warning" - Van Halen (1981) - The best album VH ever did “4” - Foreigner - Monstrously popular Foreigner "Round Trip" - The Knack (1981) - We’ve discussed this... "Oblivion" - Utopia (1984) - ‘80s AOR Todd Rundgren "Ready or Not" - Lou Gramm (1987) - Lou had lots of songs he didn't tell Mick Jones about "Electric" - The Cult (1987) - Billy Duffy decided he wanted to be a guitar god "The Bears" - The Bears (1987) - Ultra-talented musicians with hooks and harmonies "Love Junk" - The Pursuit of Happiness (1988) - Moe Berg wanted to be Todd Rundgren "Gretchen Goes To Nebraska" - King's X (1989) - The best album King's X ever did “11” - The Smithereens (1989) - Smithereens go Pop - Whitney Beehler, DMO Union

My list has a couple in common with Whitney's. Some of these were picked for being oddballs in the band's catalog. Others were picked because i love them. A few were picked because I'm not very familiar with them, but want to hear your thoughts. Bob Mould - Workbook The Cure - Disintegration Descendents - All Dinosaur (Jr) - Dinosaur or You're Living All Over Me Green River - Rehab Doll Hüsker Dü - Flip Your Wig Iron Maiden - Any of the 80s albums...Somewhere in Time, maybe? Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream King's X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska (Please!!!) Lemonheads - Lick (is this actually a proper album or more of an EP with bonus tracks?) Ministry - With Sympathy Mission of Burma - Vs. - Jeremy Amend, DMO Union

Do you know a lost or forgotten 90s album we should review on the podcast? 

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🎙 From the podcast archive

Britpop in the 90s - Roundtable discussion

What was and is Britpop? We're not sure, so we're hosting a roundtable to try to figure out the sounds, bands, legacy and more

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Twisted Willie - A Tribute To Willie Nelson

As with all tributes, artists stay close to the original version while others radically reinterpret, and that’s the case with Twisted Willie

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Jacob Slichter of Semisonic

Semisonic drummer, author and college professor Jacob Slichter discusses music, writing, and the evolving music industry in the digital age.

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